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Press Release from Western Edge App 




Western Edge App Announces New Partnership with EquiPro Roadside


Ft. Worth, TX - Western Edge App, the premier platform for all things Western Sports, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with EquiPro Roadside, a nationally recognized and highly regarded roadside assistance company focused on travelers hauling horses or other livestock. This partnership will further enhance the value and services offered to the Western Sports community, ensuring comprehensive support for those on the road.


EquiPro Roadside, based in Texas, provides 24/7 coverage across the United States and Canada, specializing in the unique needs of travelers transporting animals. With a reputation as the most sought after and fastest-growing animal-centric/trailer-centric roadside assistance program in the United States, EquiPro Roadside offers unparalleled service. Membership services cover travelers, tow vehicles, trailers, and the livestock being transported, making it the roadside service of choice for both recreational and professional haulers.


"We at Western Edge App are pleased to announce our partnership with EquiPro Roadside," said Vinnie Malzahn, CEO of Western Edge App. "EquiPro Roadside’s dedication to excellence and comprehensive service aligns perfectly with our mission to unite and empower the Western Sports community. This partnership will provide our users with peace of mind and enhanced safety on the road, ensuring they can focus on what they love—participating in and enjoying Western sports."


EquiPro Roadside's industry experts have consistently raised the bar for service and performance standards, setting a new benchmark for the competition. Their dedication to meeting the needs of the vast community that spans animal transportation is unparalleled.


"We have been pleased to observe the Western Edge App team continue to expand their lead and  streamline exposure, collaboration and engagement for those competing in western equine sports." said Tracey Keiser, Co-Founder of EquiPro Roadside. “Competitors are increasingly looking for ways to be connected, share knowledge, share resources and make every aspect of their competitive lives easier; so they can focus on the job at hand…traveling safely, competing and winning.  We have been witness to the Western Edge App team’s proactive responses to the needs and desires of western competitors to be aligned with the right resources and implement tools that create measurable efficiencies that have a significant impact on the competitors’ experience.  Our decision to enter into the partnership with the Western Edge App was made based on the high quality of service, the needs of the western equine community, Western Edge App’s customer-centric philosophies and advanced technological capabilities.  EquiPro Roadside is pleased to, jointly, serve the Western equine sports community, with Western Edge App.


This partnership will be integrated into the Western Edge App platform, providing users with easy access to EquiPro Roadside’s services, ensuring that help is just a tap away whenever they need it. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing the overall experience for Western sports enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals alike.


For more information about Western Edge App and EquiPro Roadside, please visit their respective websites.


About Western Edge App:

Western Edge App is the premier platform for all things Western Sports. Designed to help users grow and connect with the Western Sports community, the app offers features like Cowboy Social, Post Your Wreck, and our New Feature, Find a Layover Barn which is an interactive map that allows you to easily spot layover barns along your route, and ensure a comfortable stop for your equine companion.


About EquiPro Roadside:

EquiPro Roadside is a leading roadside assistance company based in Texas, specializing in services for travelers hauling horses or other livestock. Available 24/7 across the United States and Canada, EquiPro Roadside offers comprehensive coverage for travelers, tow vehicles, trailers, and the animals being transported, ensuring the highest standards of service and reliability in the industry.

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